SDR - Increase inputs or Increase quality? Can't do both

SDR - Increase inputs or Increase quality? Can't do both

SDRs, you’ve got two options. Tricky to do both:

Increase inputs.
Increase the quality of inputs.

For 1) You’ve heard it all before.
- Grind.
- 10x.
- Pound the phones.
- Top the activity leaderboards.
- "It’s a numbers game."
- "Burn%, who cares!?"
- Blah, blah, blah.

Here’s 2)
- Top the touch/meeting leaderboard. Top the touch/SQL leaderboard. That’s the actual numbers game.
- C, VP, D titles only. Research each buyer (1-1) and their business (1-many).
- Show research in every touch. Yes, including cold calls. No automation.
- Seek curiosity. Not time. That’s your buyer's most precious resource.
- Sales Nav. Team-link. Search posts. Buyers that follow. Shared connections. Previous Champs.
- Ghostwrite for your AEs, Directors, VPs, C-suite - make it super easy for them to help,
- Dig into closed lost. G2. Builtwith. Website visits. Other intent.
- Target ICP vendors that your company spends $ with.
- Join communities. Give before you get.
- Interview equivalent buyers at your company. Interview product. Share the insights. They know your buyer better.
- Ask SDRs / AEs at your target accounts for insight and help. Send coffee/lunch.
I could keep going.

If you’re only allowed to do 1) at your place I'm sorry. I'm usually hiring!