Buy an Outbound Lift Up

You get enough vague advice from your favorite LinkedIn influencer and/or your Manager who hasn’t done outbound this decade.

Buy an Outbound Lift Up

I’ll lift up (not tear down) one of your outbound plays.

I’ll dig deep into your targeting (who, why, when), your offers, measurement, and your tactics (copy, scripts, cadence, objections, channels, process). Deep deep.

I’ll document the good, and the bad, and draft detailed changes and variations to each part of your play for coaching. You learn, I learn. Then we hopefully measure incremental improvement to your outbound play. 

It’s an antidote to all the zero-context outbound advice you see and generic training I guess you’ve snoozed through.

Here's how it works.

  • Pay via Stripe.
  • I’ll send you a form to share details of your outbound play with me. Takes 30 mins max. If I don’t think I can help - I refund you.
  • If I think I can help - we’ll meet for 30 mins to unpack your answers.
  • You get your Lift Up in <10 days.
  • Then you get 2 hours of coaching where we run the play together.

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UPDATE: I'm booked up through mid-March completing Lift Ups for Cisco,, and SafetyWing. I have 1 slot left for March and 2 left in April.

$3000 $2499