Is context switching killing your cadence?

Is context switching killing your cadence?

Bunch of bottlenecks. Dozens of overdue tasks.
Clicking/scrolling the activity field to remember what you’ve already sent/said.
You’re probably using too much RAM/thinking power per step.
Try this instead.

*Only works if targeting is tight. Try to talk to everyone and you’ll talk to no one.

- Group activities by day, buyer, and account. So you’re executing 2-3 activities for each buyer, then account consecutively.

- Test 2-4 templates/variations per email step. Leave room for 1-many personalization always add 1-1 if you find it. Use a different variation for DMs. That way you’ve got a backup that’ll beat most others. Save as snippets so you can switch on the fly.

- Because your activities are grouped it’s easy to research 1-2 x and repurpose personalization on all channels. Yes even calls. Connection requests and VMs.

- Test 1-2 asks / offers. Keep consistent across days and channels. For example. If your day 1 email offers customer proof, on day 3 you can personalize a template/snippet or automate if you see healthy reply%.

- Test 1-3 Specials that take more time, research, and effort than the rest. Like Draft on Behalf where you repurpose research into an email and/or DM to be sent by a shared connection or an Exec (titles matter). Save as a template or snippet so you can rinse and repeat. Exec should follow up 1-2x too.

- Use Plays (easy in or tag buyers showing positive signals for easy follow-up. Not just email. Think website visits. Sales room views. Social stuff. Connected calls. Perfect personalization. No need to cadence. Block your calendar to focus on follow-ups daily.

Simple. You’re welcome.