SDR - hidden costs of dodumbthingsfaster prospecting

SDR - hidden costs of dodumbthingsfaster prospecting

I swear this comes from a good place. Saw a post the other day.

In short. SDR just starting in the role. Selling to Marketers. Nearly 4K “prospects” in a few cadences. All Auto email. Booking 6 meetings per week. Not sure if inbound or outbound. Or Titles. Hold%. Pass%. Pipe%. Close% etc.

First. Well done on your success.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Loose maths.
~40K emails per month across ~1000 accounts. Assuming follow up etc. No other touches included.

Suppose that’s sustainable and consistent for a month. 24 meetings.

Meeting% 1600 ish. 1600 touches to book a meeting. Likely 2000+ for a completed meeting.

Account hit% 40 ish. 40 accounts to book a meeting. Likely 52 for a completed meeting.


That’s just 1 SDR at 1 company. This is an extreme case but not uncommon.

How many buyers are they turning off to their Brand? The SDR personally?

What happens when their company email domain is blocked from most of their TAM?

Are they damaging chances for future SDRs who join?

How will they improve when meetings booked inevitably plummets? Add even more “prospects”? Buy a LinkedIn bot?

How is this setting the SDR up for future success?

Is the short-term dopamine hit worth it?

This is what I mean by dodumbthings faster outreach.

Feels a bit like the housing crash.
Growth at all costs.
It’s not sustainable.  

SDRs - you will be replaced by robots if you don’t stop the high-volume, no-quality, zero-empathy outreach.

It’s a race to the bottom that you can’t win.

Rant over.

*I didn’t comment on the post. No need. All the responses were overwhelmingly positive. I don’t blame the SDR. I’ve fallen into the trap before. You’ve got targets to hit. Maybe you’re not aware. We all want to press the easy button. If you see this, let’s talk. I’ll help if I can.