SDR Leader - To autonomy or not to autonomy?

SDR Leader - To autonomy or not to autonomy?

SDR Leaders. Just a thought. Perhaps SDRs wouldn’t see their job as a “grind” or just a stepping stone if we stopped treating them like dodumbthingsfaster robots? Two options (stolen from Daniel Pink). It’s tricky to do both:

1) Do you believe the game is simple, straightforward, and requires only mechanical skill? Then remove autonomy and increase automation. Warning - your people will be less motivated because you’ve limited chances for mastery (get better at stuff). But it’s the status quo, and you don’t get fired for buying IBM.


2) Do you believe the game is complex and requires conceptual, creative thinking? Then maximize autonomy and reduce automated outreach. Warning - you’ll have hiccups! But your people will be more motivated because you’re maximizing chances for mastery.

Here’s 1):
- Lockdown playbook, process, cadences, messaging, templates, and scripts. Non-negotiable.
- SDRs don’t run meetings. At best, BANT for dodgy inbounds. Set it and forget it.  
- High activity. Low personalization%. Low meeting%. Low pass%. Low pipe%. Low close%.
- High burn%. Even higher REAL burn% (can’t measure).
- High churn%. Low promotion%. Loose incredible people for a $6K base bump.

Hands up - I’m guilty. I did this years ago. Sorry!

Here’s 2):
- Lockdown philosophy, operating principles, and hiring profile. Non-negotiable.
- Playlist instead of a playbook. SDRs choose the tunes because they are way cooler than you.  
- Templates and snippets to give time back for research and personalization. SDRs own their messaging
- Scripts to guide. Push structure. SDRs own their scripts.
- SDR discovery (light) for every meeting. Set it and follow it.
- Low activity. High personalization%. High meeting%. Higher pass%. Higher pipe%. Higher close%.
- Low burn%. Even lower REAL burn%.
- Less churn%. Higher promotion%. They’ll be better AEs - assuming you don’t treat them like robots too.

Either way, read Drive if you haven’t. Changed my outlook on motivation, autonomy, mastery, and purpose.